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Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote the visibility of women and girl instrumentalists in jazz and to advocate for their inclusion in all aspects of the art form. We focus on women instrumentalists because, as opposed to vocalists, they encounter the greatest degree of underrepresentation in jazz.

Jazzwomen and Girl’s Advocates was founded in 2015 by trumpeter Ellen Seeling and attorney Sara Sanderson in an effort to address the systemic and historic gender discrimination in jazz. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Board of JAGA includes like-minded women musicians, educators, attorneys and journalists who have experienced and witnessed this discrimination firsthand over many decades of their professional careers.

Membership in JAGA is free to all because we want you to join us in our goals. Our members increase the volume of our voice and the power of our actions. Please help us to change the culture of jazz to include women and girls as equal participants in the music we all love.

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Your free membership will help support us in our fight against inequality. We won’t share your information with a third party. But having a headcount of supporters makes a big difference in the work we do.


Your contribution is tax deductible. Every little bit helps mobilize us to do the work. Checks or Credit Card via PayPal are accepted. Contact [email protected] for current mailing address to send a check.

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